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Classic VS Designer Series: Which is right for you?

You are ready to transform your outdoor area and have decided to use Ekodeck as the timber alternative for your decking and screening. But how do you know which boards, the Ekodeck+ Classic or Ekodeck+ Designer Series are the right ones for you? 

It’s a question we get asked often. To help you, let’s take a closer look at the Ekodeck+ Classic or Ekodeck+ Designer Series, so you can be confident knowing what will be best for your outdoor area. 

ekodeck classic vs designer composite decking

Ekodeck+ Classic in Greystone on LHS. Ekodeck+ Designer Series in Backbeach on RHS.

Ekodeck+ Classic 

As the name suggests, Ekodeck+ Classic is a longstanding timber decking and screening alternative that has been tried and tested in Australian conditions for more than ten years (since 2009, to be exact). During this time, it has proven to be cost-effective, durable, dependable, and hardwearing. 

Made from a mixture of 50/50 reclaimed timber and recycled plastic, Ekodeck Classic boards come in three colours, Dark Brown, Red Rock and Greystone. Each board is the same composition and colour, giving you a consistent look for your outdoor areas. The sanded finish of the boards provides a high anti-slip rating for greater safety to outdoor areas and allows scratches and marks to be sanded off easily to keep your deck looking great.

ekodeck classic cutaway greystone composite

Ekodeck+ Classic in Greystone


Ekodeck+ Classic facts at a glance:

  • Over a decade of real-world testing
  • 10-year warranty
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Consistent colour all the way through the board
  • Easily repairable by sanding
  • Made using over 90% reclaimed and recycled materials
  • Colourfast and UV stabilised
  • High slip rating (R11 & P5)
  • Cost-effective 


The Ekodeck+ Classic range is ideal if…

You want a consistent, versatile, and easy to work with timber alternative that looks great and is hardwearing, repairable, and cost-effective.

ekodeck classic in dark brown

Ekodeck+ Classic in Dark Brown

Ekodeck+ Designer Series

The Ekodeck+ Designer Series gives you many similar features of the Ekodeck+ Classic range, but with a few key points of difference. One of the favourites being the six different colours that provide warm, natural timber tones with subtle variations from board to board for a high-end designer finish. 

The Ekodeck+ Designer Series also has the Durashell™ coating, which gives you a strong, durable shield against staining and discolouration. The Durashell™ coating wraps and protects the entire board and shields the core from moisture, UV, and the elements to withstand the harshest climates in Australia. This extra protection means the Ekodeck+ Designer Series comes with a warranty of 20 years. 


ekodeck designer composite decking bunnings

Ekodeck+ Designer Series in Backbeach (Leatherwood reverse side)


Ekodeck+ Designer Series facts at a glance:

  • Equipped with Durashell™ coating
  • Up to 20-year warranty
  • Made using over 80% reclaimed and recycled materials
  • Anti-slip rated – R10 & P5
  • Superior stain resistance
  • Wide colour range
  • Natural timber tones
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High-end ‘designer’ finish


The Ekodeck+ Designer Series range is ideal if…

You are an active entertainer who wants greater colour choice, an architecturally inspired finish, and a long-lasting, low maintenance, highly stain-resistant and easy to clean timber decking and screening alternative. 

ekodeck designer in leatherwood

Ekodeck+ Designer Series in Leatherwood

Ready to make your decision?

Check out our range of Ekodeck+ Classic and Ekodeck+ Designer Series options, or order your free sample kit direct to your door to get a feel for it!