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Six Practical Ways to Use Screening to Turn Your Backyard into a Stylish Oasis

Summer is right around the corner, making now the perfect time to plan how you can transform your backyard into an oasis where you can enjoy those long warm days in style and relaxation.

One often under-utilised and affordable way of transforming your outdoor areas is to use screening. To help spark your imagination, here are six practical ways you can use screening to create your own outdoor escape.

1. Increase your privacy

ekodeck screening privacy

Whether you are tending to the garden, swimming in the pool, having a BBQ, reading in the sun or unwinding with a glass of wine, there is one thing you need to make your outdoor area a welcome retreat – privacy.

With our backyards and outdoor entertaining areas becoming an extension of our homes, using screens to block out your neighbours’ view (or your view of the neighbours!) can be a great way to get the privacy you want in a sleek and stylish way.

2. Hide unsightly areas 

Bins, outdoor air-conditioning units and pool pumps are essential items that need to be in our outdoor areas, but let’s face it, they are rather unsightly. Screens can be a practical way to hide these items away neatly while still giving you the practical access you need to service or use these items on a regular basis.


3. Create outdoor rooms 

Screens make great partition walls to help create outdoor rooms – without losing breezes or views of the surrounding area. Just imagine the ambience you could create by closing in your outdoor kitchen or dining areas or constructing a private patio, pool hut or cosy sitting nook. Outdoor rooms are a great way to extend your outdoor living areas and create private or intimate retreats within your backyard.


4. Build a fence

composite screening fence

Using composite screening as a fence can be a great colour-fast option that provides superior durability to timber with no chance of greying, cracking, twisting, or splintering. Do the entire fence with screening or use it as a fence infill for a more modern look.


5. Construct gating 

composite screening gate ekodeck bunnings

While we are on the topic of fencing, why not add a gate into the mix? Whether it is a large front gate to make your driveway and front yard more secure or to limit access to your backyard, screening is a durable and stylish way of gating your property to keep it protected.


6. Add shading 

ekodeck composite screening greystone melbourne

The one downside about Australian summer is that it can get hot – really hot – and without the proper shading of your outdoor areas, it can make them, at times, inhabitable. Applying screening to your pergola can be a great way to get the shade you need to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor areas all day long.

Need a versatile, low maintenance, durable and colour-fast screening solution to transform your outdoor areas?

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