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Why Using Ekodeck Can Prevent Leaching

When dealing with a timber deck, something that many people have come across in the past is the timber leaching or bleeding onto surrounding surfaces.

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Leaching is when hardwoods, such as merbau, are exposed to moisture and their tannins or resins seep out and stain surrounding surfaces. So how can this be prevented?


Reducing the Chance of Leaching

Before the installation of a hardwood deck, the timber needs to be ‘weathered’, i.e., left outside in the elements for 6 – 8 weeks so the tannins and resins can bleed out in a controlled area. This will reduce the chance of leaching from happening.


Note: In some circumstances, even if you have left your timber to weather and followed all the proper instructions, there can still be some remaining tannins that may leach out after installation.


There are some products containing harsh chemicals such as tannin prep or deck clean which can be used to help bleed the timber, but it should be noted the aggressive chemicals used may cause more damage to the surrounding environment and surfaces, so take care if using them .

If you have surrounding surfaces that are porous, such as concrete or stone pavers, these are especially difficult to remove any leaching stains out of. Removing stains from tannins in timber can be extremely difficult, and in some circumstances impossible. Be prepared for some serious elbow grease!

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Why Using Ekodeck Prevents Leaching

Comparatively, composite decking products, do not have any tannins or resins in the finished product, so a lot of the above leaching issues with using hardwood timber for decking is mitigated.

This, coupled with composite decking’s durable and low-maintenance factors, makes it an attractive alternative to timber.


Want to Learn More?

We hope this article helped give you some clarity on leaching and how to prevent it.

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