Composite Decking Melbourne

Ekodeck offers a range of premium composite decking and screening products, which are perfectly suited to Melbourne’s unique climate conditions. From the wet and frosty winters to the hot dry summers, Ekodeck is specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Made from over 90% reclaimed timber and recycled plastic, Ekodeck is ultra-durable and long-lasting in even the toughest weather conditions.

Unlike timber, Ekodeck products are UV stabilised and will not fade to grey. Engineered to be naturally weather resistant, Ekodeck will not succumb to rot and decay, even during the wettest Melbourne winters, and it’s even termite resistant!

If you’re looking for the best Composite decking in Melbourne, Ekodeck has you covered. Unlike timber, Ekodeck doesn’t require regular oil, painting or sealing to protect it and keep it looking great.     

A growing number of Victorians are making the switch to composite decking and screening products. With its low maintenance characteristics, longevity and durability and natural timber look and feel, Ekodeck is the smart choice for decking in Melbourne.

Available from Bunnings stores across Victoria, our decking and screening products are versatile and easy to install. Requiring no special tools or materials, installation is simple for home DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

A weekend decking project is a great addition to your home and can really extend the usable space your home has to offer. Make the most of the balmy Melbourne spring evenings on your new deck.

Ekodeck is the smart alternative to timber decking. Easy to install and maintain, long-lasting and great-looking – it’s the obvious choice for your next Melbourne decking project.