Modern or traditional, residential or commercial. Ekodeck is the answer.


Your quick and simple solution to a deck free of fasteners.

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Designer Series

Ekodeck’s latest, variable-grain composite with added benefit of Durashell™ technology.

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Ekodeck Outdoor Decking

Great For Pool & Garden Decks

Are you after great looking decking material specially designed to handle the harsh Aussie climate? Ekodeck’s range of composite decking products are uniquely engineered to provide the look and feel of timber without the heavy maintenance requirements.

Unlike timber decking, Ekodeck doesn’t require oiling, painting or sealing. It’s naturally UV stabilised so it won’t fade to grey, even in continuous sun. Better yet, it’s rot, decay and termite resistant. This means you don’t require harsh chemicals or oils to protect your deck and keep it looking great.

Ekodeck is also a premium eco-friendly composite decking material. Made from over 80% reclaimed timber and recycled plastic, it’s an environmentally friendly decking product that doesn’t contribute to deforestation and reduces the amount of timber and plastic ending up in landfill.

Available in a range of natural looking timber tones with variable grains, Ekodeck is perfect for a range of domestic and commercial applications. Whether you’re looking for durable and low-maintenance commercial outdoor decking for a restaurant or bar or premium garden decking for your backyard, you can’t go wrong with Ekodeck.

Ultra-tough and long-lasting, your deck will stay looking great for years to come with only occasional cleaning. Unlike timber, Ekodeck composite decking does not splinter, cup or twist, which means your deck will stay safe for everyone, even under heavy foot traffic.

Versatile and easy to install, requiring no special tools, installation is simple for professionals and home DIY enthusiasts alike.

If you’re thinking about a pool deck, then think Ekodeck. It’s naturally water resistant, has a high anti-slip rating and is resistant to damage from pool salts and chemicals.

If you’re looking for the best composite decking available, then trust Ekodeck. Available nation-wide at Bunnings stores, Ekodeck is your eco-friendly timber alternative.


Enhance your privacy with our versatile screening profiles. Our durable screening products are perfect for any outdoor living space.


Need a low maintenance screening solution? Ekodeck Screening can be used in a range of applications. It looks great and doesn’t require the routine up keep of timber.

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Ekodeck Composite Screening

Great for Outdoor, Garden & Fence Privacy Screens

Ekodeck’s composite screening is a quick and easy way to create an outdoor screening feature. Extremely versatile, it’s perfect for a range of applications from garden screening to a balcony privacy screen and more.

Designed to look and feel like wood, and available in a range of natural timber tones, Ekodeck screening is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to timber. Made from over 90% reclaimed timber and recycled plastic, Ekodeck doesn’t contribute to deforestation and reduces the amount of timber and plastic that ends up in landfill.

Suitable for DIYers and professionals, Ekodeck screening panels can be installed vertically or horizontally. Our versatile outdoor screen panels can be used in any number of ways for garden screening, balcony screening, pool screening or any other aesthetic outdoor application.

Improve your garden or balcony privacy, create a garden or fence feature, or hide away the unsightly (like bin bays or pool filters) – the only limit is your imagination.

Ekodeck screening is engineered to look like natural timber, but without the hefty maintenance requirements. It’s built to last without the need for oiling, painting or sealing. It’s rot, decay and termite resistant and it won’t splinter, cup or twist. The ultra-light maintenance requirements make our screening perfect for those hard to access places on balconies and in the garden.

Like our decking boards, Ekodeck screening is UV stabilised, meaning they won’t fade to grey and will look great for years, without the ongoing cost of maintenance.

Our versatile outdoor screening can be used in a variety of domestic and commercial applications:

- Balcony screen: Prefect for a balcony privacy screen, they look great, keep out the wind and are low in maintenance

- Pool screen: Perfect for a swimming pool privacy screen, the natural timber looks great around the pool and is resistant to water, salt and pool chemicals

- Fence screen: Great for a low-maintenance fence privacy screens

- Garden screening: Our garden screen panels are perfect for creating privacy, separating out garden areas, creating garden features and even hiding unsightly areas (like bin bays)

If you’re looking for premium composite fence screening, talk to the team at Ekodeck. Available nation-wide at Bunnings stores, Ekodeck is your eco-friendly timber alternative.


Wanting a clean, modern deck free of fasteners? Ekodeck+ with its innovative design uses our hidden fastening system – Quickfix - leaving you with a surface free of fasteners.


Keep it clean with Quickfix – the concealed fixing system for Ekodeck+

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