Your quick and simple solution to a deck free of fasteners.

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Designer Series

Ekodeck’s latest, variable-grain composite with added benefit of Durashell™ technology.

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Ekodeck vs Ekodeck+

Both Ekodeck and Ekodeck+ share the same great composite formula. The difference between the two boards is the fixing method. Ekodeck+ has a grooved edge to be used with Quickfix, our concealed fixing system. Quickfix gives you a clean, modern look with a surface free of fasteners or fixings. You cannot see the screws! 

On the other hand, Ekodeck is just like traditional decking – install it by screwing through the top of the board. Ekodeck is perfect if you prefer to see the screws for a more traditional looking deck. 

Both Ekodeck and Ekodeck+ come with a 10-year warranty. So no matter which board you choose, you can relax with the peace of mind that we’ve got you covered.


Need a low maintenance screening solution? Ekodeck Screening can be used in a range of applications. It looks great and doesn’t require the routine up keep of timber.

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Keep it clean with Quickfix – the concealed fixing system for Ekodeck+

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