Ekodeck+ Classic

With a proven history of performance since 2009, our Classic range of Ekodeck+ is the hardwearing, durable decking material of choice for commercial and consumer projects alike.

Our Classic range of Ekodeck+ has been in production since 2009. Tried and tested in the harsh Australian climate, our Ekodeck_ Classic range gives you a versatile and easy to work with alternative to timber – without the routine oiling or sealing. Ekodeck+ Classic has proven itself over the years to be the colourfast, dependable choice for tradesman and DIYers alike.


Ekodeck Classic

Textured, sanded finish

Consistent colour all the way through the board

Made using over 90% reclaimed & recycled materials

Easily repairable by sanding

No oiling, painting or sealing

Quick & easy installation

UV stabilised

Rot, decay & termite resistant

Will not splinter, cup or twist

Easily repairable by sanding

Anti-slip rated – R11 & P5

Made using over 90% reclaimed & recycled materials

10-year warranty

Available colours

Dark Brown


137 x 23 x 5400mm

Item Number


Red Rock


137 x 23 x 5400mm

Item Number




137 x 23 x 5400mm

Item Number



Using our Quickfix concealed fixing system, installing Ekodeck+ Classic is easy for DIYers and at least 30% faster to install.

Say goodbye to marking out screw positions, pre-drilling and countersinking your boards! The simple clip system automatically gaps the boards saving you time and money with its ease and speed of installation.

Download Installation Guide

how-to installation videos

Quick steps

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Plan your area ensuring your framework is compliant and compliments the finished design of your deck. Cut the Ekodeck+ boards slightly oversize to allow for expansion and contraction.

Set out your starter clips and install your first board.

Insert standard clips on every joist, except for the centre joist where a locking clip is installed. Screw down slightly and repeat for 6-10 boards. Ensure the boards are square then screw down completely.

Set up a straight edge and trim your overhung boards to size in one go. Wash down your Ekodeck+ boards for a clean finish.

Refer to table


Centre-to-centre joist spacing (max) 450mm
Min. ground clearance (with adequate drainage) 40mm
Min. ground clearance (without adequate drainage) 90mm
Min. side-to-side gap (board spacing) 3mm or 6mm, auto-spaced by clip
Recommended end gap Refer to table

*Gap distances vary depending on temperature during installation. Refer to the installation guide for more information.

End gap table

The below table can be used as a guide to discern the appropriate end gap (in mm) to leave when installing your boards.



Temperature during installation (oC)





Board Length (m)


























Care & Maintenance

Looking after your Ekodeck+ Classic is easy. Say goodbye to oiling, sealing or painting – a quick scrub with warm soapy water is all you need to keep your Ekodeck+ Classic looking fresh!

Download Care & Maintenance guide



Download PDF


  1. Definitions
    • The following terms have the following meanings:

Australian Consumer Law” means Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Ekodeck” means Ekologix Australia Pty. Ltd. ACN 133 471 619 or any trading entity of Ekodeck.

Major Defect” means a defect that relates to a safety defect as that term is defined by the Australian Consumer Law.

"Purchaser" means any original end user of the Product which was purchased from an authorised Ekodeck distributor.

Product” means the product purchased by the Purchaser to which this Manufacturer’s Warranty is attached.

Term” means a period of 10 years for that particular Product from the date of original purchase from Ekodeck or any authorised distributor as stated on your receipt or invoice.

  1. Warranty
    • We offer this warranty in addition to your other legal rights and remedies. This Manufacturer’s Warranty does not exclude, restrict or modifies any condition, warranty, right or remedy implied by law, including the Australian Consumer Law which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.
    • Subject to this Manufacturer’s Warranty and the Warranty Claim Procedure, Ekodeck warrants this Product to be free of defects for the Term.
    • Ekodeck constructs all Products in accordance with applicable Australian Standards, which may include AS 1170.1 and AS 1720.1.
    • As soon as practically possible after a defect arises the Purchaser must inform Ekodeck of the defect in accordance with the Warranty Claim Procedure.
    • If Ekodeck determines that a Major Failure exists, Ekodeck, at its sole discretion may provide the Purchaser with a replacement or refund or compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage suffered by the Purchaser.
    • If Ekodeck determines that a defect, which is not a Major Failure, exists Ekodeck, at its sole discretion, may provide the Purchaser with an offer to replace or repair the Product.
    • A defect does not arise from or exist if Ekodeck determine that the defect was caused or exacerbated by:
      • The Purchaser using the Product beyond the capabilities associated with the applicable Australian Standard;
      • Misuse, neglect, or negligent use, including improper installation, storage, maintenance or handling of the Product and/or failure to abide by Ekodeck’s installation or maintenance guidelines, including but not limited to improper gapping;
      • Use of the Product contrary to an applicable Australian Standard, local building regulations or State, Territory or Federal laws;
      • Movement, distortion, collapse or settling of the foundation or the supporting structure on which the Product is installed;
      • Any act of God (including flooding, earthquake, lightning and any other naturally occurring environmental or other disaster);
      • Staining from foreign substances (including dirt, grease, oil and any other substance);
      • Normal expected exposure to natural elements, including but not limited to mildew or mould;
      • Gradual discolouration (including fading and staining);
      • Overloading
      • Ordinary wear and tear; or
      • Minor splits or cracking around screws.
    • Where a defect in a Product arises due to mould or mildew, the term of the warranty will be limited to two (2) years notwithstanding any other provision in this Manufacturer’s Warranty, but not excluding any implied term under the Australian Consumer Law.
    • This warranty is not transferable; it applies only to the Purchaser.
    • Should Ekodeck elect to replace any part of the Product, Ekodeck reserves the right to replace the Product with parts and components of similar quality, grade and composition where identical parts or components are not available.
  2. Warranty Claim Procedure
    • In order to make a claim under this Manufacturer’s Warranty on any Products the Purchaser must follow the Warranty Claim Procedure. The Purchaser must provide written notification to Ekodeck, via Ekodeck’s details provided below in this Manufacturer’s Warranty, within thirty (30) days of the alleged defect becoming reasonably known to the Purchaser.
    • The written notification referred to in paragraph 3.2 above must include the following details:
      • A clear description of the alleged defect;
      • Photographs of the alleged defect;
      • total proportion of the Product claimed to be defective; and
      • Proof of original receipt (or other evidence displaying the date of purchase which Ekodeck is reasonably satisfied with).
    • Upon receipt of this information Ekodeck will contact the Purchaser to investigate the alleged defect contained in the written notification. Any and all investigations will progress as quickly as practicably possible and will seek to establish whether a Product defect exists.
    • At any time during the investigation Ekodeck may request the assistance of any third party expert(s), including building and constructions experts, engineers or scientists, Ekodeck deems appropriate to ascertain whether a defect exists.
    • After conducting an investigation, Ekodeck will inform the Purchaser in writing whether or not a defect exists and any potential remedy to that defect as determined by Ekodeck that is applicable in the circumstances.
  3. Warranty Exclusions
    • The following cost(s) or damage allegedly suffered by the Purchaser as a result a Product defect are not covered this Manufacturer’s Warranty insofar as applicable under this Manufacturer’s Warranty and at law:
      • Cost(s) associated to remove the Product from the premises; or
      • Cost(s) or charge(s) incurred by the Purchaser in returning any defective Product to Ekodeck or the original place of purchase; or
      • Cost(s) or charge(s) incurred by the Purchaser to notify Ekodeck of the alleged defective Product or incurred in the Warranty Claim Procedure;
      • Cost(s) associated to install any replacement Product; and
      • Any other reasonably foreseeable costs incurred by the Purchaser.
  1. Product Exclusions
    • Ekodeck Products are made by combining reclaimed timbers with recycled plastics.
    • Whilst Ekodeck takes all appropriate steps to ensure consistency in all Products, natural and immaterial variances can be present in appearance.
    • Natural and immaterial variances in any Product are not a defect under this Manufacturer’s Warranty and are specifically excluded.
    • Product dimensions are subject to normal manufacturing variations and tolerances. Reasonable variances, as determined by Ekodeck, in Product dimensions are not considered a defect under this Manufacturer’s Warranty and are specifically excluded.
  2. Ekodeck exclusion and contact details
    • Ekodeck or any of its affiliated employees or agents will not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of the use of, or handling of any Ekodeck Product whatsoever, including any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage suffered as a result of the negligence of Ekodeck, except those which cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law or applicable State, Territory or Federal laws.
    • Ekodeck can be contacted at:

Business address:       Unit 1, 20-26 Sabre Drive,
                                    Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3207
Phone:                         +61 3 9639 7774
Email:                          info@ekologix.com.au

  1. ACL Guarantees
    • Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
  2. Severability
    • If any term of this warranty is held to be illegal, void or unenforceable in a jurisdiction, then:
      • where the term can be read down so as to give it a valid and enforceable operation of a partial nature, it must be read down to the extent necessary to achieve that result, and
      • in any other case the term must be severed from this warranty for that jurisdiction in which event the remaining terms operate as if the severed provision had not been included.


Technical Specifications

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Download Report

45% Reclaimed timber
48% Recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
7% UV stabilisers, coupling, colourants and anti-mould agents.  

137mm 4.03kg/m (21.8Kg per 5.4m length)

450mm (max). Min 2 spans/3 joists.

3.0kPa uniformly distributed live load
1.8kN point live load as per AS1170.1
50Kg dead load applied over 2 boards.
(Creep factor 4 adopted)

ASTM D570-98 (2010) ?1 (24 hour immersion)

1. AS4586:2013 Oil-wet inclining platform method

Result: R11

Download Report

2. AS4586-2013 Wet pendulum test method

Result: P5

Download Report

AS1580 Method 601.1
?E*ab: 1.3 (minor change in colour)

10.5 (very hard)

In-ground accelerated field simulator test designed by the University of Melbourne. 
Mass loss Ekodeck: 0.23%
Mass loss Radiata Pine: 3.42%

Accelerated field simulator test designed by the University of Melbourne using subterranean termites (Coptotermes acinaciformis). 
Mass loss Ekodeck: 0%
Mass loss Radiata Pine: 60-85%


Download Report

ASTM D6110-10
80 J/m
C (Complete break)

ASTM D1761
10g 316 stainless steel:
Withdrawal resistance: 106N
Lateral resistance: 1434N

ASTM D648-07 Method B

ASTM D6341-16
3.83 X 10-5 (cm/cm)/°C

AS/ISO 9239.1-2003
CHF value (non-directional): 4.1 kW/m2
Smoke value (non-directional): 93%.min

Download Report

AS/NZS 1530.3-1999
Ignition time: 7.10 min
Flame propagation time: 111.4 sec
Heat release integral: 110.5 kJ/m2
Smoke release, log d: -1.2488
Optical density, d: 0.0613 /metre
Ignitability index: 13
Spread of flame index: 5
Heat evolved index: 4
Smoke developed index: 3

Download Report

IEC 62321-5:2013, determination of Cadmium by ICP-OES.

IEC 62321-5:2013, determination of Lead by ICP-OES.

IEC 62321-4:2013, determination of Mercury by ICP-OES.

IEC 62321:2008, determination of Hexavalent Chromium by Colorimetric Method using UV-Vis.

IEC 62321-6:2015, determination of PBBs and PBDEs by GC-MS.

Cadmium (Cd): Not detected.

Lead (Pb): 22

Mercury (Hg): Not detected.

Hexavalent Chromium (CrVI): Not detected.

Sum of PBBs: Not detected.


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Ekodeck and Ekodeck+ Classic share the same great composite formula, texture and profile. Ekodeck has square edges and is top-fixed just like traditional decking while Ekodeck+ Classic has grooved edges and is installed using the Quickfix Concealed Fixing System for a clean, modern look free of fasteners.

No, Edge Boards are not available for our Classic range. You will have to make your own edge board by ripping the groove off using a circular saw and refinishing the edge with some sand paper. Check out how it's done here!

The Quickfix Hidden Fastening System is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Ekodeck+ Classic. The Quickfix clips allow you to have a deck free of fasteners.

Ekodeck+ Classic installed using Quickfix, does not require a different subframe. It shares the same bearer and joist substrate as a hardwood deck.

Ekodeck’s long-lasting features allow it to outlive traditional timber. Equipped with UV stabilisers and anti-mould agents, Ekodeck+ Classic will not fade to grey like timber and is resistant to rot and decay. Unlike timber, Ekodeck+ Classic does not require constant oiling, sealing or staining - making Ekodeck+ Classic a low maintenance product with superior durability.

Ekodeck+ Classic will never fade to grey like timber when exposed to the elements. Ekodeck+ Classic contains natural timber fibres. When exposed to UV these fibres will slightly lose their brightness. This is a normal process for any exterior building material. Following installation, Ekodeck+ Classic will stabilise and maintain its colour.

Just like Ekodeck, Ekodeck+ Classic does not require any oiling, painting, sealing or staining, making it an ultra-low maintenance product. 

If stains do occur, a general clean using hot water and dishwashing liquid is required to remove the stains. For more information, please download a copy of our Care & Maintenance Guide.

Yes, Quickfix is available to suit both timber and steel joists.

Ekodeck+ Classic does not require the use of any specialised tools. Standard wood-working tools can be used when installing Ekodeck+ Classic.

Ekodeck+ Classic is not classified as a structural product therefore it cannot be used as a subframe.

Being a composite product, Ekodeck+ Classic is made up of recycled plastics, and will get marginally hotter than traditional timber. Darker colours absorb more heat – so please take care on hot days. If you wouldn’t go barefoot on a timber on a hot day, please avoid doing so on Ekodeck+ Classic.

In the event that Ekodeck+ Classic is scratched, it can be repaired by sanding using 40 grit sandpaper along the grain. Ekodeck+ Classic is the same composition all the way through which allows scratches and marks to be removed by sanding.

No, due to the plastic component of Ekodeck+ Classic, painting, staining or sealing is not recommended.

Yes, you can use a pressure washer to clean Ekodeck+ Classic.

You can request samples via our website www.ekodeck.com.au