Need a low maintenance screening solution? Ekodeck Screening can be used in a range of applications. It looks great and doesn’t require the routine up keep of timber.

Need a versatile, low maintenance screening solution? Ekodeck Composite Screening can be used in a range of applications. It looks great and doesn’t require the routine up keep of timber. Being the same UV stable composite material as Ekodeck, Ekodeck Fence Screening will never fade to grey or crack, twist and splinter. Timber screening quickly deteriorates when out in the elements – Ekodeck Screening is built to last and looks great for years minus the upkeep. Make the smart choice for your next project with Ekodeck Screening.

Ekodeck Screening

Textured, sanded finish

No oiling, painting or sealing

Consistent colour all the way through the board

Made using over 90% reclaimed & recycled materials

No oiling, painting or sealing

UV stabilised

Rot, decay & termite resistant

Will not splinter, cup or twist

Durable & hardwearing

Made using over 90% reclaimed & recycled materials

Colour & size

Dark Brown


67 x 15 x 2700mm

Item Number


Red Rock


67 x 15 x 2700mm

Item Number




67 x 15 x 2700mm

Item Number



A simple, low maintenance screening to freshen up your home. Install just like traditional screening. We recommend a max span of 900mm to reduce the risk of bowing or deflection – watch our installation video to find out more!

Download Installation Guide

Quick Steps

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Set out and install your posts – make sure they’re straight and secure! A maximum span of 900mm is recommended to ensure your screening doesn’t sag or bow.

Measure up your Ekodeck Screening, cut it to length and get ready to fix it to your posts.

You must predrill and countersink your Ekodeck Screening to ensure you get the best results – one fixing per post is adequate. Make sure you’ve got the correct 8g screws to suit your posts. To keep your screening straight, a level is always handy!

Wash down your new Ekodeck Screening. Follow the steps for a general clean to remove any dirt or debris. Download our Installation Guide for more information


Centre-to-centre joist spacing (max) 900mm
Min. ground clearance 50mm
Min. side-to-side gap (board spacing) 6mm
Min end-to-end gap (butt joint) 1-3mm*
Min gap for end edge to solid structures 2-3mm*
Min distance from end edge for fastening boards 15mm
Pre-drill and countersink Required
Min distance from side edge for fastening boards 15mm

*Gap distances vary depending on temperature during installation. Refer to the installation guide for more information.

Care & Maintenance

Looking after your Ekodeck Screening is easy. Say goodbye to oiling, sealing or painting – a quick scrub with warm soapy water is all you need to keep your Ekodeck Screening looking fresh!

Download Care & Maintenance guide


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Ekodeck Screening is less likely to rot, warp, crack or splinter. This is because Ekodeck Screening absorbs less water than timber and is therefore less likely to suffer from damage caused by water e.g. mould and rot.

The exact same formula is used for both Ekodeck and Ekodeck Screening. The only difference is the smaller profile, which allows you to install in vertical applications.

Yes, the colours in both products is the same so you can use both products in a project and it will match.

Ekodeck Screening will never fade to grey like timber when exposed to the elements. Ekodeck Screening contains 45% natural timber fibres. When exposed to UV these fibres will slightly lose their brightness. This is a normal process for any exterior building material. After 3-6 months Ekodeck Screening will stablise and maintain its colour.

Hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid or sugar soap and a medium bristle brush is usually all you need to clean Ekodeck Screening. This will take care of the vast majority of stains and watermarks. When it comes to treating tougher stains, please refer to our comprehensive Care and Maintenance Guide.

Standard woodworking tools (e.g. drop/circular saw, cordless drill, router etc.) can be used to cut, drill, saw, fasten and rout Ekodeck Screening.

We recommend using good quality 8 gauge stainless steel screws when installing Ekodeck Screening onto timber and good quality 8 gauge galvanised steel screws when installing onto steel. You must pre-drill and countersink the boards for a flush finish. Please download a copy of our Installation Guide for more details.

It is strictly not recommended to install Ekodeck Screening directly onto a brick or concrete wall, as it is a composite product. Ekodeck Screening will naturally expand and contract and it does get marginally hotter than traditional timber screening.

Ekodeck Screening is just as dense as good quality hardwood timbers. These timbers require pre-drilling and Ekodeck Screening is no different. As a result please do not use nail guns.

No, Ekodeck Screening cannot be used as posts and is not classified as a ‘structural’ or load bearing product.

Oiling or painting is not recommended.

Yes, you can use a pressure washer that is no greater than 1500 PSI and it should not be applied closer than 30cm from the surface of the slats. Use a normal fan nozzle and not a dirt blaster type nozzle.

Ekodeck Screening is designed and tested in Australia and manufactured in China under our stringent quality controls, supervision and monitoring.

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