Wanting a clean, modern deck free of fasteners?

Ekodeck+ uses our specially designed hidden fixing system, Quickfix, to keep your boards firmly secured without seeing any screws or nails for a clean, modern look.

As it shares the same unique formula as Ekodeck (45% reclaimed timber and 48% recycled plastic) it has the same great benefits over timber decking. There is no need to oil, paint or seal your deck, it’s also resistant to rot, decay and termites and it will not splinter, cup or twist.

Ekodeck+ comes with a great 10-year warranty for satisfaction and peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

With Ekodeck you get the beauty of timber without the upkeep. Oiling, painting, or sealing your deck will be a thing of the past.

Ekodeck is manufactured in straight and consistent lengths, it doesn't twist, cup or have knots normally associated with timber.

Ekodeck has been designed specifically with the Australian climate in mind.

Ekodeck's low maintenance characteristics doesn’t only save you time - it also saves you money.

We provide a full 10-year 100% replacement warranty on Ekodeck and Ekodeck+.

Ekodeck is safe for the whole family.

Those who have installed Ekodeck+ report at least a 30% time saving compared to traditional decking.

Available nation-wide at Bunnings Warehouse.

The unique composition of our boards uses over 90% reclaimed and recycled decking materials.

No oiling, painting or sealing
Looks and feels like timber
Highly durable and ages extremely well
Excellent Value for money vs timber
Ekodeck has a unique 10-year warranty
Family Safe
Easier and faster installation
Nationally distributed through Bunnings
Environmentally friendly