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Ekodeck will require occasional cleaning to keep it looking at its best. We recommend performing a  General Clean once a year, scrubbing your decking with warm soapy water followed by a rinse using a pressure washer with a fan spray nozzle. 

Ekodeck+ is designed to be installed using our concealed fastening system, Quickfix.

However, Ekodeck+ Classic is able to be top-fixed using screws if need be. We recommend predrilling an oversize clearance hole, countersinking and fastening using 10g stainless screws every 450mm.

We do not recommend or warrant Ekodeck+ Designer Series top-fix installations. Our Designer Series boards must be installed using our Quickfix system.

No, due to the polyethylene component of Ekodeck, we are yet to find a product which adequately adheres to it. Adhesion to HDPE plastic is difficult, and as such we do not recommend painting, sealing or staining your Ekodeck.