Australia's #1 Composite Decking.
Nationally available through Bunnings Warehouse.

Ekodeck Composite Decking

How-To Videos
How-To Videos

Check out our easy to follow How-To videos to help you tackle any project using Ekodeck!

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How much do I need?
How much do I need?

Unsure how much decking you need for your next project? Our handy calculator makes it easy to crunch the numbers.

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Be Inspired
Be Inspired

Designed and engineered in Australia, Ekodeck’s flawless finish will leave you wanting more.

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Request a sample

Want to get a feel for Ekodeck? We’ll send you out a free sample.

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With Ekodeck you get the beauty of timber without the upkeep. Oiling, painting, or sealing your deck will be a thing of the past.

Ekodeck is manufactured in straight and consistent lengths, it doesn't twist, cup or have knots normally associated with timber.

Ekodeck has been designed specifically with the Australian climate in mind.

Ekodeck's low maintenance characteristics doesn’t only save you time - it also saves you money.

We provide a full 10-year 100% replacement warranty on Ekodeck and Ekodeck+.

Ekodeck is safe for the whole family.

Those who have installed Ekodeck+ report at least a 30% time saving compared to traditional decking.

Available nation-wide at Bunnings Warehouse.

The unique composition of our boards uses over 90% reclaimed and recycled decking materials.

No oiling, painting or sealing
Looks and feels like timber
Highly durable and ages extremely well
Excellent Value for money vs timber
Ekodeck has a unique 10-year warranty
Family Safe
Easier and faster installation
Nationally distributed through Bunnings
Environmentally friendly

Ekodeck Products

Ekodeck+ Designer Series is a new, innovative composite decking product with an unrivalled finish thanks to our coveted Durashell™ coating.

Ekodeck+ Designer Series gives you a range of variable grain, natural timber tones to choose from and thanks to our Durashell™ coating, a deck with superior stain resistance and up-to 20-year warranty*

Ekodeck+ Classic
Ekodeck+ Classic

With a proven history of performance since 2009, our Classic range of Ekodeck+ is the hardwearing, durable decking material of choice for commercial and consumer projects alike.

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Ekodeck Screening

Need a low maintenance screening solution? Ekodeck Screening can be used in a range of applications. It looks great and doesn’t require the routine up keep of timber.

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Keep it clean with Quickfix – the concealed fixing system for Ekodeck+

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Screening Panel
Screening Panel

Ekodeck Screening Panels are a quick and easy to install screening solution – made with both DIY and builders in mind they are a great way to freshen up your home!

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Professionals Using Ekodeck

Are you an architect or specifier? Looking at using Ekodeck for a commercial project? Contact us to find out how we can tailor Ekodeck to suit your needs. We’ve partnered with many leading builders nation-wide to deliver quality building materials for a myriad of applications.

Ekodeck – Composite Decking for all Australians

Ekodeck’s premium range of composite decking products has been enjoyed across Australia since 2009. Engineered to look and feel like natural timber decking, Ekodeck is more durable and long-lasting and requires much less maintenance than timber and is environmentally friendly. 

Ekodeck is a unique eco decking product made from over 90% reclaimed timber and recycled plastic. Specifically engineered to withstand the harsh Aussie climate, Ekodeck composite decking material is perfect for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. It is ultra-durable and hard-wearing and unlike timber, it won’t splinter, split, twist or cup, making it family safe.

Ekodeck is the perfect alternative to traditional timber decking, without the ongoing maintenance that timber decks need. Ekodeck is naturally weather-resistant and doesn’t require oiling, painting or sealing. It’s also rot, decay and termite resistant without the need for additional treatments. We’re so serious about the quality of our boards that we include a 10-year warranty for Ekodeck and Ekodeck+, and up to 20-year warranty for Ekodeck+ Designer Series!

Available in a range of natural-looking timber tones with variable grains, our Composite Boards are UV resistant and will never fade to grey like timber decking.

Available at Bunnings stores nation-wide, Ekodeck decking and screening is easy to install for either professionals or DIY enthusiasts.

Ekodeck composite deck boards – The sustainable alternative to timber decking 

At Ekodeck, we’re proud of our environmental credentials. Our products are engineered to look and feel like natural timber, without the adverse environmental impact.

Our decking boards are made from reclaimed timber and recycled plastic. This means our decking material don’t contribute to deforestation and we save a substantial amount of waste plastic and timber from entering the landfill.

Unlike timber, composite wood decking doesn’t require regular oiling, staining or painting and is naturally termite resistant. This means that it requires less potentially harmful, fossil-fuel-based chemicals for cleaning and maintenance, which is great for the environment.

Why Ekodeck composite decking?

Ekodeck represents the future of decking. Our state-of-the-art deck flooring is specially designed to stand up to the tough Aussie climate, offering a range of benefits that place it head and shoulders above the competition:

  • Less maintenance: No oiling, painting or sealing is required to keep your deck in pristine condition, just some occasional cleaning.
  • Ultra-tough and durable: Our composite decking boards have a Janka rating of 10.5 (which is harder than Merbau or Jarrah and a similar hardness to Spotted Gum).
  • Family safe: Ekodeck products are non-toxic and will not splinter, twist or cup, making it safe for little feet.
  • UV stabilised: Ekodeck will never fade to grey even when exposed to constant sunlight and rain.
  • Rot, decay and termite resistant: Ekodeck requires no additional treatment to protect it from insects and moisture-related rot and decay.
  • Easy to install: No special tools required, and easy to install as a DIY project.