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Designer Series

Beauty that lasts

Our Designer Series boards are a step forward in composite technology. Transform the look of your outdoor space with high-end, natural finishes that are specifically made for Australian conditions.

The Ekodeck Designer Series range is ideal if you want an extensive colour choice, you desire an architecturally inspired finish, and you need an easy to clean deck.

Made from 20% recycled HDPE and 50% reclaimed timber, Ekodeck® Designer Series decking boards are Global GreenTagCertTM GreenRateTM Level C certified.

  • Variable Timber Grain Look

  • Equipped With DurashellTM Coating

  • Up-to 25 Years Warranty

What is Durashell™ Coating?

Ekodeck Designer Series Decking has the Durashell™ coating, giving your deck a strong, durable shield against staining and discolouration. This coating protects the entire board and shields the core from moisture, so your deck will withstand the harshest climates in Australia.

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A colour range designed to suit your style

From warm, natural timber tones, to neutral, modern greys, our Designer Series decking has a colour for everyone, no matter your style.

Choose from our 6 great colours to ensure your deck compliments its surroundings, giving a high-end finish to any environment.

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A timber grain look that lasts on and on

With natural, subtle variances our Designer Series boards mimic the look of natural timber.

Timber can splinter as it dry out, which can be worsened by a lack of maintenance over time.

Our Designer Series boards are made up of very small particles of reclaimed timber, which is combined with recycled plastic using bonding agents, producing a product that is not only made from over 80% recycled materials, but is also unable to splinter and is highly durable.

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Designed to handle the elements

Boasting superior stain resistance, the outer DurashellTM coating is built to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions.

The DurashellTM coating is made from an extra-thick 100% polymer composition, making it highly stain resistant and durable.

This means that there is no oiling, painting or sealing required – a good clean every now and then is all you need.


Classic vs Designer Series

Classic VS Designer Series: What’s the difference?

So you’ve decided to transform your outdoor area with Ekodeck as the timber alternative for your decking, but are unsure of the differences between the Ekodeck ranges.

    Easy Finish with Edge Boards

    We’ve made it simple to give your new Designer Series deck that professional finish with our Edge Boards. Edge Boards are available in Designer Series only.

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