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If you’re building a deck in Queensland, making sure that the decking material you choose can handle all that the Queensland weather can throw at it is vital.

From the tough Australian sun to tropical storms – Queensland weather ranges from one extreme to another.

Whether you live in the tropical far north, the hot, dry west, Brisbane city, the Sunshine Coast, or even if you’re lucky enough to live on an island, Ekodeck has got you covered.

Queensland in the warmer months is notoriously humid, creating the perfect environment for mould, mildew and algae to run rampant, and if you’ve ever had a traditional timber deck, trying to keep on top of mould growth can seem futile. Not to mention that if a timber deck is left unsealed for a time, the humidity can soak into the timber, dry out and cause the decking to split or crack.

Ekodeck is naturally resistant to rot, decay and termites, and also will not splinter, cup, twist or warp like traditional timber decks have been known to do, as it won’t soak up the ever-present humidity in the Queensland air.

The Newstead Terrace installation isn’t the only Ekodeck Deck of note – the Toowoomba Wellcamp Quarantine Facility has over 500 Ekodeck Decks installed on the property,

  • Made using reclaimed and recycled materials

  • Up to 25-year warranty

  • Built tough for Australian conditions

Why Use Ekodeck in Sunny Queensland?

Low Maintenance: Being a composite decking material, Ekodeck doesn’t call for the same involved maintenance schedule that a traditional timber deck requires. There is no oiling, staining, or sealing with an Ekodeck composite deck, all you need to do is give it a good clean to make it look good as new!

True to the moniker ‘The Sunshine State’, Queensland’s perennial sun can take its toll on a traditional timber deck. The slight shift north from New South Wales up to Queensland, can make a big difference in terms of how long your traditional timber care products like decking oils and coatings last.

Longer Lasting with UV Exposure: The constant UV exposure we get up north deteriorates timber decking sealants or oils faster than in a slightly cooler climate, and as a result, keeping to a strict maintenance and sealing schedule is paramount to keeping your timber deck protected from the elements, as well as looking its best.

With no oiling or sealing needed, all that time previously spent labouring in the hot Brisbane sun oiling your timber deck, can now be spent sitting back and relaxing on your new Ekodeck, soaking up the sun with family and friends.

Exclusive to Bunnings: Being exclusively available at Bunnings Warehouse means that no matter where you live in Queensland, you can easily find everything you’ll need for your new Ekodeck.

If you have any questions about an upcoming composite decking project in or around Brisbane or QLD, we’d be happy to help!

We have a handy deck planning tool which helps to take the guess work out of your decking project. There are also plenty of how-to videos to guide and assist you with your deck build, or if need be don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction!

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Looks and feels SO much better than the old pine deck.

The old decking was pine and was starting to splinter, buckle and was just plain uncomfortable to walk on. The new Ekodeck finish looks and feels great. Did it all myself and really worth the effort.

Richard O Hobart, Tasmania

Couldn’t be happier with it!

I now have a stunning, modern looking deck that will last longer than the joists holding it! Excellent product that has produced excellent results and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Kelly M South East Queensland, QLD

Heavy Duty and Looks Great

We have a new deck with ekodeck we are very happy with how it looks and how it is wearing. Our builder really enjoyed working with it too. Thank you

Lucky Juls VIC
Ekodeck Designer Series Leatherwood woman and dog

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