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Are Edge Boards available for Ekodeck Classic?

No, Edge Boards are not available for our Classic range. You can make your own edge board by ripping the groove off using a circular saw and a straight edge, and then refinishing the edge with 40 grit sand paper. Check out how it’s done here!

Does Ekodeck Classic get hotter than timber?

Being a composite product, Ekodeck Classic is made up of recycled plastics, and will get marginally hotter than traditional timber. Darker colours absorb more heat – so please take care on hot days. If you wouldn’t go barefoot on a timber on a hot day, please avoid doing so on your Ekodeck Classic deck.

Will Ekodeck Classic lose its colour or fade?

Like all our products, Ekodeck Classic boards are UV stabilised, meaning that you can be sure that your new Ekodeck Classic deck won’t fade to grey like timber when exposed to the elements.


As Ekodeck Classic contains natural timber fibres, when these fibres are exposed to UV over a long period of time, these fibres may slightly lose their brightness, as would any other exterior building material.

Can I paint, stain or seal my Ekodeck Classic deck?

No, due to the HDPE component of Ekodeck Classic, painting, staining or sealing is not recommended.

Can Ekodeck Classic be repaired?

In the event that your Ekodeck Classic decking is scratched, it can easily be repaired by sanding using 40 grit sandpaper along the grain of the board.

Can Ekodeck Classic be pressure washed?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer to clean Ekodeck Classic.


We recommend using a pressure washing no higher than 2000psi, with a fan nozzle attachment.

How do I install an Ekodeck Classic deck?

Our specifically designed concealed fixing system, Quickfix, makes it easier and quicker than ever to install your deck.

What kind of sub-structure do I need to lay my Ekodeck Classic on?

Ekodeck Classic decking can be laid on the same type of bearer and joist substrates as a traditional hardwood deck. Just make sure that you are following our installation guidelines and installing with a maximum joist span of 450mm.


You can download our Ekodeck Classic Installation Guide below.

Ekodeck Decking / Classic / Installation Guide


How does Ekodeck Classic compare to timber?

Our Classic range of Ekodeck is UV stabilised and has anti-mould agents included in the mix, making it a longer-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking.


Unlike timber, our Classic range of Ekodeck will not fade to grey, is resistant to rot and decay, and does not require constant oiling, sealing or painting.

What kind of maintenance is involved with Ekodeck Classic?

There is no oiling, sealing or painting when it comes to Ekodeck Classic. To keep your Ekodeck Classic looking great all year round, all you need is hot water and dishwashing liquid and a pressure washer with a fan nozzle attachment.


For more information, download our Care & Maintenance Guide below.

Can Ekodeck Classic be installed onto steel?

Yes, we have Quickfix kits to suit both timber and steel joists.

What tools do I need to install Ekodeck Classic myself?

You don’t need any specialised tools for installing an Ekodeck Classic deck. Standard wood-working tools, such as a drill driver, a drop saw and/or a circular saw with hardwood blades, can be used for installation.

Can I use Ekodeck Classic boards as joists?

No, Ekodeck Classic is not classified as a structural product and therefore cannot be used as a subframe or for joists.

How can I get samples?

You can request samples via our website here.

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