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How do Ekodeck Castellated Panels compare to traditional timber?

Ekodeck Castellated Panels are less likely to rot, warp, crack or splinter. This is because Ekodeck Castellated Panels absorb less water than timber and are therefore less likely to suffer from damage caused by water e.g. mould and rot.

Are Ekodeck Castellated Panels the same material as Ekodeck?

Yes, the exact same formula is used for both Ekodeck and Ekodeck Castellated Panels.

Are the Ekodeck Castellated Panel colours the same as Ekodeck?

No, we’ve created two brand new colours for Ekodeck Castellated Panels, Hazelwood and Carbon, which have been curated carefully to align with modern design aesthetics.

Will Ekodeck Castellated Panels lose their colour or fade?

Like all our products, Ekodeck Castellated Panels are UV stabilised, meaning that you can be sure that your new Ekodeck Castellated Panels deck won’t majorly fade to grey like timber when exposed to the elements.

As Ekodeck Castellated Panels contains natural timber fibres, when these fibres are exposed to UV over a long period of time, these fibres may slightly lose their brightness, as would any other exterior building material.

What kind of maintenance or cleaning is involved with Ekodeck Castellated Panels?

Warm water mixed with dishwashing liquid or sugar soap and a soft bristle brush is usually all you need to clean Ekodeck Castellated Panels. This will take care of the vast majority of stains and watermarks.

What tools are required to install Ekodeck Castellated Panels?

Standard woodworking tools (e.g. drop/circular saw, cordless drill, router etc.) can be used to cut, drill, saw, fasten and route Ekodeck Castellated Panels.

What type of fasteners should be used with Ekodeck Castellated Panels?

We recommend using good quality 10 gauge stainless steel screws when installing Ekodeck Castellated Panels. Make sure to pre-drill before fastening your Panels to the framing. Please download a copy of our Installation Guide for more details.

Can I install Ekodeck Castellated Panels straight onto a wall?

No, you cannot install Ekodeck Castellated Panels directly onto a wall or similar surface – they need to be fastened safely and correctly to fixed posts/rails.

Can I use a nail gun?

Ekodeck Castellated Panels are just as dense as good quality hardwood timbers. These timbers require pre-drilling and Ekodeck Castellated Panels are no different. As a result please do not use nail guns.

Can I oil or paint Ekodeck Castellated Panels?

Oiling or painting is not recommended, due to the plastic component that makes up Ekodeck Castellated Panels.

Where are Ekodeck Castellated Panels made?

Ekodeck Castellated Panels are designed and tested in Australia and manufactured in China under our stringent quality controls, supervision and monitoring.

How can I get samples?

Please email your request to [email protected].

Ekodeck Castellated Panels


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