Before starting your deck renovation, making sure that you have a plan of attack is one of the most important steps.

This is an exciting stage as you get to design the space that’s going to work for you.

We say, if you can draw it you can build it! So, to assist you we’ve created our very own Deck Planner to make it easier than ever for you to visualise the layout of your new Ekodeck, as well as how to get the best usage out of the set 5.4m lengths.

As you can see in the above image, we entered the dimensions of our deck into the Deck Planner, and then had a play around with the Layout Options to get the most desirable design for our new deck.

With a deck that is about 7.7m x 4m, we wanted to have a design that was both aesthetically pleasing, as well as one that didn’t require excess wastage of the Ekodeck boards.

By running a breaker board down the middle (shown above), we could get two sections of just under 1800mm, which means that for every 5400mm Ekodeck Decking board, we could get 3 lengths of just under 1800mm – which minimised the wastage significantly.

We then entered our email address and got our deck plan sent to ourselves as a PDF, which made it easier to double check the plan against our specific dimensions and installation.

As we weren’t picture framing along the fence line (the top edge of the deck plan) we removed two boards from the total the Deck Planner had given us. We were picture-framing the two seen edges however, (highlighted below in green), for this we needed two Designer Series Edge Boards so we get to see a full square edge (not a grooved edge). These two boards were taken off the total number that the Deck Planner had calculated and substituted for Edge Boards.

We also needed to account for fascias (vertical boards, also known as ‘riser boards’), which again was only where the green highlighted sections are – this was an additional two decking boards which needed to be added to the total.

Another great thing about the Deck Planner is that it tells you how many 100lm Quickfix Kits you’ll need to complete your project.

We needed the following for our project:

Once you’ve confirmed the quantity of Decking boards, Edge Boards and Quickfix kits you need for your project, you can go to your nearest Bunnings Trade Desk and place your order! If you need a hand or some help with setting out your deck, feel free to give us a call or send us an email with the dimensions of your deck and we’ll do our best to assist.

Now that the plan was created we then set about removing the old timber deck and assessing the condition of the timber substructure…

composite decking breaker board layout design

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Our handy deck planner takes the guess work out of your composite decking project.

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