Newstead Terraces

Ekodeck was carefully selected amongst a myriad of other products when Nino Projects set out to complete the large, expansive outdoor area for Newstead Terraces. With some assistance from our team, the builders put down hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of square meters of 137mm Greystone Ekodeck+ which was chosen for its durability, ease of installation and of course, price point compared to other composites on the market. Being a public space, with many people using the pool area, Ekodeck+ has the advantage of no fixings to catch your toes on and being a composite splintering isn’t an issue either. Given the sheer enormity of the area as well, not needing to routinely seal or oil the deck saves the complex managers significant amounts every year in maintenance costs.

Ekodeck products used

Greystone 137mm


Nino Projects