The Ekodeck system is designed to be quick and easy - but there's a few tips and tricks we've picked up along the way to make sure you get a perfect installation every time.

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Being a composite board, Ekodeck will expand and contract along it's length. Timber on the other hand will swell and shrink in it's width as it takes on moisture or dries out. Be aware if installing Ekodeck on a hot day that as it cools it will contract causing the ends of the boards to pull back slightly - it is recommended to tighten up these ends gaps when installing on a hot day.

Depending on the weather when installing Ekodeck will greatly affect what gaps you should (or shouldn't!) be leaving during installation. \nIf installing on a hot day, your Ekodeck boards are most likely at close-to full expansion. In this instance we recommend closing up your end gaps, as when the boards cool they will contract and these gaps will increase.

For best results, installing all your boards slightly over-length, then trimming to length all at the one time is best practice. This ensures all boards are cut to the same length, as if you are cutting each board individually throughout the day the temperature difference may influence board length by a couple of millimetres.

Check out Nathan from Monumental Building Group running us through his project at Balgowlah Heights!