South Australia

Composite Decking Adelaide

We all know that Adelaide summers can be brutal. The intense sun and 40-degree temperatures can really take a toll on timber decking, causing splintering, warping and fading.

Ekodeck’s composite decking and screening boards are perfectly suited to Adelaide’s harsh climate. Made from over 90% reclaimed timber and recycled plastic, Ekodeck is durable and long-lasting in even the toughest weather conditions. You won’t find a better composite decking in Adelaide.

Unlike timber, our composite decking doesn’t require hefty maintenance to protect it from the summer sun. Our decking boards are UV stabilised and will not fade to grey. They don’t require regular oiling, painting or sealing to prevent splitting or warping, and Ekodeck’s UV-stabilised formula means that your deck will stay flat, safe and looking great without the regular maintenance that timber decks need.

Ekodeck is naturally termite resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about regular termite treatments which may contain nasty, toxic chemicals.

At Ekodeck, we’re proud of our eco-friendly credentials. Because our products made from reclaimed and recycled materials, our decking doesn’t contribute to deforestation and reduces the amount of timber and plastic that ends up in landfill. The low maintenance requirements also mean that you’re using less paint, oil and insect treatments to protect your deck, which is great news for the environment.

A growing number of South Australians are making the switch to Ekodeck’s composite decking and screening products. With its low maintenance characteristics, longevity and durability and natural timber look and feel, Ekodeck is the smart choice for decking in Adelaide.

Available from Bunnings stores across South Australia, our decking is versatile and easy to install. Requiring no special tools or materials, installation is simple for home DIY enthusiasts and building professionals alike.

Ekodeck is your low-maintenance alternative to timber decking. Easy to install and maintain, long-lasting and great-looking – it’s the obvious choice for your next Adelaide decking project.