3mm VS 6mm Quickfix – which one to use & why?

You may have noticed that we have two different Quickfix systems available – one giving you a 3mm spacing between your Ekodeck boards, and the other giving you a 6mm spacing between your boards.

Not sure which one is right for your deck? Why the different systems?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about our range of Quickfix.

First off, let’s set one thing straight – YES! You can use either our 3mm or 6mm Quickfix system with ANY of our Ekodeck decking boards. And no, one is not ‘better’ than the other – it all comes down to personal preference, and ultimately, aesthetics.

6mm Quickfix system

The 6mm Quickfix system is the most widely used and longest-standing Quickfix system we have. It has been around for years – since 2015 in fact – and is a great value, easy to use concealed fastening clip system.

It utilises an engineered nylon standard clip, which automatically spaces the boards 6mm apart. The rest of the components (locking clips, C-Clips and screws) are 316 stainless steel, powdercoated black.

Available to suit both timber or steel joists, the 6mm Quickfix system is easy to use, fast and efficient. The standard clips features a recessed T-stem, which allows them to easily hold down breaker boards and edge boards, as well as the decking boards – this is an innovative, handy feature to have.

One of the main differences with this system compared to the 3mm, is that the screws are still accessible with the decking laid – meaning if you’re needing to lift a board to access underneath your deck at any point in time, you can remove the screws and ‘fold’ a board out to grant access.

We have also had a lot of feedback from budding enthusiasts that the system is very forgiving and user-friendly, as it has an element of ‘wiggle room’ – making it easy to get a professional finish, even if it’s your first time tackling a deck installation!

3mm Quickfix system

Our 3mm system has been a recent addition to the Quickfix line up, originally developed in conjunction with our Flame Fighter boards for use in bushfire-prone areas, the 3mm Quickfix system has since gained popularity for its tighter gap and sleek look.

Able to be used with any of our Ekodeck boards (not only Flame Fighter), all clips in the 3mm system are made from 316 stainless steel – that includes the standard clips, locking clips, C-Clips and screws – which are also powder-coated black for added protection from the elements.

To achieve the tighter spacing between the boards, clips are placed in the groove of the board and screwed down to the joist material, with the next board coming in over the top of the screw – this means the boards will need to be removed from the last board laid, similar to internal flooring for example, if you wanted access under the deck or to remove it down the track.

So, when to use which system you might ask? Well, the choice is yours!

The gapping does not affect the performance of the boards nor the longevity of the deck, it is a purely aesthetic choice dependant on which you prefer – some prefer a tighter (3mm) gap between the boards which gives a smooth and seamless feel, similar to that of internal flooring, making it perfect for an indoor/outdoor room.

Other people are happy with the larger 6mm gap between the boards, which reveals clean black shadow lines between the boards, really making the decking the hero.

Ekodeck Designer Series in Leatherwood installed using 6mm Quickfix system
Ekodeck Designer Series in Alpine Ash installed using 3mm Quickfix system
If you are building in a bushfire prone area, we recommend the use of our 3mm system to reduce the chances of ember attack catching beneath the deck, but ensure you consult AS3959 if building in a bushfire prone area to determine what is right for your application.

Check out our how-to videos and installation guides, and of course – don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any queries or questions!

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