Installing Ekodeck Castellated Panels on a garage door

A quick DIY project you can complete in a weekend is replacing your garage door with Ekodeck’s Castellated Panel – elevating your garage to the next level.

The Castellated Panels feature a timber look batten profile, while still providing a total blockout solution, so they can be used in a variety of applications, be it a privacy fence, a feature wall (inside or outside) or this project we’ve just done – re-cladding your garage door!

Available in two modern colours, we decided to go with the Carbon colour for this project, as the dark, almost-black grey, complements the light brick colour of the house nicely.

The first order of business is to measure the project space and size, and create a plan of action.

In this case, we had to measure the total height and width of the garage door to work out how many Ekodeck Castellated Panels we would need.

Each panel is 219mm wide, but gives 200mm coverage once installed, and our garage door is 2500mm wide – so we needed 12.5 panels.

The panels are 3600mm tall, and our garage door is 2160mm, so we needed to cut them down to fit. Before we started cutting, we measured once again to ensure all the measurements were correct.

Once we’d confirmed all the dimensions, it was time to start removing the existing sheet metal panels on the door. This process may differ slightly depending on the type of door you have, but for us, we just needed to remove all the screws holding the panels on the frame.

Next, it’s time to set up our cut station. The most important step of this is making sure that your cut station is stable and on an even and level section of the ground. This helps to guarantee that your cuts won’t be all over the shop.

Once we’ve got our saw and bench level, we can cut all the Castellated Panels to size.

To cut the Ekodeck Castellated Panels, we recommend using a drop saw with a good quality hardwood or composite blade, with between 60 – 80 teeth.

With all of the panels cut, we can start screwing them into the supports.

The supports on the garage door are metal, so we used 10g x 30mm metal screws to fix the panels and made sure to pre-drill them.

For the full installation instructions for the Castellated Panels, you can download the Installation Guide below:

Ekodeck Castellated Panel / Installation Guide


From our measurements, we determined that we’d need 12.5 panels, meaning that we’d need to rip the last panel down the length to fit onto the existing frame.

It’s best to wait until the end to rip down your last Castellated Panel, as you never know if there might be some creep as you’re installing across, and you don’t want to accidentally cut the last panel to the wrong size.

You can see we waited until all 12 of the full panels were installed to rip down the last one in the above video.

Now we’ve got a garage door with a modern and totally new look, all done in one day!

Due to the additional weight of the Castellated Panel cladding on the garage door, and to further update the usability of the garage, an automatic garage door motor opener was added. With the springs tensioned up, the garage door now opens and closes seamlessly by remote – talk about an upgrade!

Ekodeck Castellated Panels can be purchased from select Bunnings Warehouses across Australia!

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