Picture Frame installation using 6mm Quickfix system

If your new Ekodeck composite deck has a picture-frame design, good news – everything you need is already in your Quickfix kit!

You’ll generally want to install most of your picture-framing boards first before the rest of the deck, so lets go through it.

6mm Standard Clip

To secure picture frame…

…you’re going to be using the Standard Clips from your Quickfix kit.

Step 1: Cut your first Edge Board to length and mitre, as this will be your first picture frame board. Install using C-Clips.

We generally recommend doing the mitres tight for picture framing, as this is the best way to avoid any large gaps resulting from the natural expansion and contraction of the boards as composite decking.

For more information on expansion and contraction, and why we recommend using breaker boards over butt joints with Ekodeck, check out this article.

Step 2: Cut and mitre your second picture frame board and install same as the first.

Step 3: Cut your decking boards slightly over-length and install, packing the ends that meet the picture frame as you go.

Handy Hint: Docking the ends of the boards prior to installation is good practice. This ensures the ends are square resulting in a straight line and even gap where they meet the picture frame.

The gap you’ll leave between the ends of the decking boards and the breaker board will depend on the length of the decking boards and the ambient temperature – make sure to follow the End Gap Table found below.

End Gap Table

Board length (m)Temperature during installation (Co)
e.g. If temperature during installation is 20oC, the recommended end gap for a 5.4m board is 2mm.

Slide the ends of the standard clip into the groove of the Edge Board.

Fasten the clips down.

Step 4: Take out the packers and clean up any edges if needed.

Continue on with installing the rest of the deck.

We’ve also put together some how-to-guides for the more common deck designs we see using a picture frame layout.

3×3 Deck with two open sides

If your deck length is over 5.4m, we suggest using Breaker Boards to best manage the natural expansion and contraction of Ekodeck as a composite decking product – they also create a nifty design feature!

12 x 3 Deck with 3 open sides

Handy Hint: When installing the bulk of your composite decking boards that are cut over-length, trim the boards to length all together once they’ve been installed to get even and consistent gaps.

Download our Plans

Ekodeck 3×3 Deck Design How-To

PDF 0.1 MB

Ekodeck 12×3 Deck Design How-To

PDF 0.1 MB

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